AM-EN | AM-EN skills week

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The "AM-EN skills week" is exactly what it sounds like !

Each morning we slow down and take time for skills sessions

During the afernoons the speed goes up

and we ride the best allmountain-enduro trails.

Don't limite your challenges

Challenge your limits!

type of trip

allmountain - enduro

group trip

Sun 7/07 - Sat 13/07/2024

private trip

Juin - Septembre


€ 1225

booking before 31/1/24

€ 1250

booking after 31/1/24

5 days guided biking

certified MTB guide

all lifts & shuttles

7 nights chalet accommodation

all meals

Legenduro gift

During this skill week, we mix our "classic" AM-EN week with skills sessions.

The lift acces of the bikeparks Alpe d'Huez and Les 2 Alpes 

allow perfect conditions to work on your skills and improve your riding.

We also take you beyond the limits of the resorts, to the heart of the mountains.

So you can instantly enjoy your new skills

and ride those epic singletracks!

:: Skills clinics ::

Each morning we slow down to get you up to speed.

It is interesting to take time how you ride,

analyse yourself to progress your riding

and so maximise the fun of riding with more skills.


  • body position, balans, braking, look ahead
  • braking: controled & full-on
  • corners: flat corners, berms, switchbacks
  • pump the trails (right light)
  • lines: get more flow, be creative
  • save energy
  • basics for drop-offs & jumps

The clinics are integrated in the AM-EN week

and are organised in a relax and playfull ambiance.

:: Allmountain-enduro trails ::

Each afternoon we translate the skill sessions to the trails.

It's important to practice and ride as much as possible!

This way you can instantly enjoy your progress!

We tour at altitude and are rewarded

with the long way down to the valley floor.

Expect mighty nature, wide views

and of course amazing trails.

:: The ride ::

This holiday is aimed at allmountain-enduro bikers.


For bikers looking for natural trails with technical challenges. We use uplift services, but also climb on the bike to get those epic singletracks. You're ok with some hike-a-bike.


A day has:

  ↑    max 800m climbing

  ↓↓  2000~3000m descending

Your hosts live here year-round and have a deep knowledge of the region.

You will be guided by an experienced, qualified local mountain bike guide (English speaking) who chooses the exact trails according to your level, your preferences and the weather forecast.

level 2~3

You ride comfortably 4-6 hours a day

at moderate pace for consecutive days.

You can climb 1000m, to exceptionally 1500m,

each day. You can carry your bike for short sections.

mountain level 2~3

You are mountain level 2

and want to progress.

You ride in control on moderate steep singletrack with loose stones and roots.

You start getting comfortable when things get rowdy and switchbacks are fun challenges. You ride sudden drops/steps (25cm)

and are eager to go learn.


The ideal bike for this trip is

an allmountain-enduro fully with 140-160 mm travel and a dropper seatpost.

More travel gives you more fun in the down.

Less travel gives you wings in the ups.

:: Chalet Auris ::

A bike holiday is all about biking ... and holiday!

Every night we are based at our own chalet in the traditional commune of Auris. The chalet includes a spacious living room, long dining table, sunny balcony, comfortable beds and bathrooms. Of course we also have a place to put and clean your bike and have all the common tools to fix it.


Without a doubt, our private chef Anne is the best part of our chalet experience. Each day she prepares a large continental breakfast and a tasty three course dinner in the evening. Her cooking is fresh, tasty and full of nourishing ingredients to refuel you for the following days adventures.


Do you have a special dietary requirement or prefer eating veggie/vegan?

No problem! Just inform us in advance and we will adapt the menu.


You can find more info about the chalet on our website:

bike chalet auris

:: Included ::


 6 nights in our comfortabel chalet, equipped for bikers

✔ 5 guided biking days

✔ Certified & English speaken mtb-guide/coach


✔ Anne's cuisine equals delicious & healthy cooking:

  • 6x continental breakfast
  • 5x packed lunch
  • 6x 3-course diner

✔ Tips & tricks: setup bike, riding tips, line choice...

✔ Bike wash and use workshop

✔ All pictures during the trip

✔ Legenduro gift

:: Excluded ::

  • Transport to and from Auris
  • Extra drinks during your stay

Join us

sun 7/07 - sat 13/07/2024    (7 spots)


join a group composed by your guide

min 4 & max 7 bikers

Private trip

Make this trip private for you and your friends.
Book this trip on your dates, to your preferences

Contact us to discuss your custom holiday.

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