The Ride

:: The ride ::


Trail biking, all mountain, enduro, enduro rally, enduro classic, the real mountainbiking... there are so many words to describe mountainbiking... At Legenduro we make a difference between "all mountain" and "enduro":


allmountain adventure

"The journey is more important than the destination" is the perfect summary.

During all mountain days we go riding in the mountains. We leave civilisation and ski resorts behind, in search of epic trails in pure nature. Trails are selected to enjoy during climbing and descending, the accent is rather on touring and less on adrenaline. These trips are open for all trail bikers who love technical riding without crazyness.

During these days, we get an uplift shuttle and continue climbing by bike.



gravity enduro

This is the pure sense of enduro, it's all about having a blast on specials.

We search the technical challenges. Preferably we ride natural single tracks with obstacles like roots, rock sections, switchbacks, high speed shredding... and of course we can't miss the best parts of the bikepark.

During these days we get the most out of the descend by using constantly lifts and/or shuttles.

Please read toroughtly the description of the levels. It is important to make a good estimation of your level! Don't hesitate to contact us for more info.



:: Technical skills ::


These levels are for trail mountain biking, this is a mix of classic xc and downhill biking.

It is possible that you're a strong xc rider, but just a rookie in trail biking.



  • Level 1: rookie

You just started trail mountain biking or you are a technical strong xc biker. You can easily ride all your local loops. You control speed and handling of the bike on hilly terrain.


  • Level 2: intermediate

You are an experienced mountainbiker with experience in hilly terrain and consider mountainbiking in Alpine terrain.

You have a first experience with trail biking, or you are a technical very strong xc biker. You climb and descend with full control on moderate steep single tracks with loose stones and slippery roots. You can ride small jumps and drops (<40cm). You can ride with moderate exposure.


  • Level 3: advanced

You are a mountainbiker with experience in Alpine terrain.

You mountainbike for several years and are fully in control on all kind of singletrack (dry and wet). You can ride medium drops (<1m) and jumps. Technical steep terrain with stone drops and rough roots doesn't held you back. You're comfortable to ride with exposure.


  • Level 4: expert

Mountainbiking has no secrets to you.

You're a bike-a-holic and shred your bike since years. You're looking forward when trails get steep, rooty, rocky, packed with jumps, drops, exposure, wallrides... regardless the weather. It is highly probably that you have experience riding DH/FR in bike parks. Riding black mountainbike runs in bikeparks is totally cool.





:: Fitness ::


The daily positive height difference is the best measure for your fitness:


  • Level 1

You do often sports. You're comfortable with 3-4 hours of sport during 2-4 consecutive days.


  • Level 2

You can ride comfortabel at atletisch peace with short anaerobic effort. You ride 4-6 uur a day during 2-4 consecutive days. Think about climbing 1000 vertical meters each day. It's okay to do some hike-a-bike and carying the bike.


  • Level 3

You can ride comfortable at sustained peace with long periodes of anaerobic effort. You can climb for hours, ride during 6+ hours each day for 4 consecutive days. Carying your bike for long periodes is no problem. Think about climbing 1500m each day.


  • Level 4

You are very fit. You ride from dusk till dawn, during all days of the week. It's highly probably that you train for an event. Think about climbing 2000m each day, for 7 consecutive days.

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