For us mountainbiking is all about

"full days exploring nature, riding stunning trails with friends".

At Legenduro you won't find a chrono, no pressure, no stress.


A professional support by certified MTB-guides, healthy and tasty meals and a top notch organised trip

makes Legenduro

your ideal partner #get out #go riding!

:: The ride ::


Trail biking, all mountain, enduro, enduro rally, enduro classic, the pure mountainbiking... too many words to describe this style of biking, and actually it doesn't matter.


Nevertheless, we of Legenduro do make a small difference between "all mountain" and "enduro"


all mountain

"The journey is more important as the destination" explains it all. On all mountain days we go touring into nature. Trails are selected for instant pleasure, both up and down, the accent lays on touring and less on the adreanaline of the downhill sections. These day trips are often less technical.




Pure enduro biking is all about the descents, which are ridden as fast/hard as possible. Natural tracks with natural obstacles like roots, stones, switchbacks, high speed sections... are preferred, although some bikepark trails can not be missed.

During summer, we use skilifts and van shuttles to accumulate as much vertical drop as possible. These trips are mainly appealing to technical bikers.

To make sure that you are well prepared for your trip, please read the following ability guidelines carefully. It is important to make a good estimation of your riding level. In case of doubt, don't hesitate to contact us.



:: Technical Level ::


All described levels are for trail mountain biking, a combination of xc and downhill biking.

It is highly probable that an expert xc biker in The Netherlands or Belgium, only has a rookie/intermediate technical level.



  • Level 1: rookie

You just started trail mountain biking or you are a technical good xc biker. You can ride all your local loops without any technical problems. You are capable of controlling bike speed and direction on smooth doubletrack and rolling singletrack trails.


  • Level 2: intermediate

You are a mountainbiker with experience in hilly terrain and are considering the step to mountaineous terrain. You have a first experience with trail biking, or you are a technical strong xc biker. You can climb and descend under control on moderately steep singletrack with loose rocks & slippery roots. You can ride small jumps and drops (<40cm). You can ride with mild exposure at times.


  • Level 3: advanced

You are a mountainbiker with some experience in Alpine riding (or similar). You have been mountain biking for several years, are confident riding all types of single tracks, are able to ride moderate drops (<75cm), stairs, jumps. You can ride technical steep sections including rock drops and uneven roots. You can ride confidently with exposure.


  • Level 4: expert

Mountainbiking has no secrets for you. You are a mountainbiker since many years, can ride very technical trails including jumps, drops and narrow elevated trail sections. You can ride confidently with exposure. You probably have experience with downhill biking or other gravity based style. Riding blind black mountain bike trails is no problem for you.





:: Fitness Level ::


The amount of daily positive height meters is the best indication for your fitness, you can find this on each trip page.



  • Level 1

You exercise regularly. You are comfortable with sustained output at a relaxed pace for 3-4 hours a day for 2-4 consecutive days.


  • Level 2

You are comfortable with sustained output at athletic pace with occasional short anaerobic periods. You can ride 4-6 hours per day for 2-4 consecutive days and are comfortable pushing and hiking with the bike for sections.


  • Level 3

You are comfortable with sustained challenging pace including long periods of anaerobic exercise. You can climb for hours, ride 6+ hours a day for over 4 consecutive days with some technical hike-a-bike.


  • Level 4

You are comfortable with sustained challenging pace including long periods of anaerobic exercise for five-plus days in a row. You are possibly training for an event.

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