Alps - Gravity Enduro

Unique in the French Alps:  descend 3x +3000m summits!!

✔ Pic Blanc of Alpe d’Huez at 3.330m,

✔ glacier of Les Deux Alpes at 3.200m

✔ backcountry legend La Grave at 3.200m

Add our local trails & van uplift shuttles, and you get

enduro at it's best!

:: Gravity Enduro ::

On Gravity Enduro days we focus on riding (technical) descents.

Skilifts and our uplift shuttle van drop us several times at the top of each mountain.

From here we attack one of many descents to the base of the valley.

We shred through magical forests and squeeze through many switchbacks to the next shuttle pickup at the valley floor.

:: 3x 3000m summits in one week! ::

The Oisans is thé region with big mountains, high summits and crazy vertical drops.

Legenduro takes you to those high summits, with three eternal runs from the peaks to the valley floor.

#1: Pic Blanc (3300m)

This is the start of the world famous Megavalanche, a real must-rides!

Alongs with the track of the official event, Legenduro also guides you on the alternative lines which each 2600m vertical drop!

#2: gletsjer Les 2 Alpes (3200m)

This summit is the yearly start of another great event: The Mountain of Hell.

From the eternal snow on the glacier,

you cross through huge rock falls to the Legenduro special trails to the valley floor.

#3: La Grave (3200m)

This spot is less known but its truly amazing!

Everything is big in La Grave:

Big mountains

Big views

BIG trails

& Big smiles!

:: The ride ::

This holiday is aimed for enduro mountainbikers.

Each day we ride a maximum of descents or "specials" for a minimum of climbing. We ride mainly singletracks in alpine environment. The trails will b technically challenging to even difficult.


A typical day has:

  ↑      600m climbing

  ↓↓↓  3500m ~ 4500m descending

Your hosts live here year-round and have a deep knowledge of the region.

You will be guided by an experienced, qualified local mountain bike guide (English speaking) who chooses the exact trails according to your level, your preferences and the weather forecast.

level 2 - occasionally training

You go for a weekly bike ride

You can ride comfortably at athletic pace

with short anaerobic efforts.

You ride 4-6 hours a day

over 2-4 consecutive days.

level 3 - advanced

You are an avid trail mountain biker

with experience in alpine terrain.

You are fully in control on all kinds

of single tracks (dry and wet):

technically steep terrain with stone drops and rough roots don’t hold you back.

You can ride medium drops (<75cm) and jumps.


The ideal bike for this trip is

a fully suspendend enduro bike

with 160mm travel and a dropper seatpost.

An allmountain bike with less travel is possible, but you'll meet the limits of the bike.

:: Chalet Auris ::

A bike holiday is all about biking ... and holiday!

Every night we are based at our own chalet in the traditional commune of Auris. The chalet includes a spacious living room, long dining table, sunny balcony, comfortable beds and bathrooms. Of course we also have a place to put and clean your bike and have all the common tools to fix it.


Without a doubt, our private chef Anne is the best part of our chalet experience.

Each day she prepares a large continental breakfast and a tasty three course dinner in the evening. Her cooking is fresh, tasty and full of nourishing ingredients to refuel you for the following days adventures.


Do you have a special dietary requirement or prefer eating veggie/vegan?

No problem! Just inform us in advance and we will adapt the menu.


You can find more info about the chalet on our website:

:: Week stay ::


5 days Enduro biking

all lifts & shuttles

certified MTB guide (English speaking)

7 nights at Chalet Auris

all-in catering service


transport to/from Auris

personal drinks

:: group travel ::

Sun 07/07 - Sun 14/07 sold out

Wed 10/07 - Sun 14/07 sold out

Sun 18/08 - Sun 25/08  2 spots left

Wed 21/08 - Sun 25/08  2 spots left

travel in a group of bikers chosen by your guide

small groups: min 4 & max 7 bikers

:: Half week stay ::


3 days Enduro biking

all lifts & shuttles

certified MTB guide (English speaking)

4 nights at Chalet Auris

all-in catering service


transport to/from Auris

personal drinks

:: custom trip ::

book this trip private for you and your friends

on your selected data

with your custom program

contact us for info!

type of trip

gravity enduro

group trip

Sun 14/07 - Sun 21/07

Wed 17/07 - Sun 21/07

Sun 18/08 - Sun 25/08

Wed 21/08 - Sun 25/08

custom private trip

June → Septembre


€ 790,- pp all-in

+ € 150,- on site

for shuttles and lifts

half week

€ 450,- all-in

+ € 90,- on site

for shuttles and lifts

3/5 days trail biking

all lifts & shuttles

✔ certified MTB guide

✔ 4/7 nights chalet


all-in catering service

Legenduro gift

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La Balme

38142 Auris-en-Oisans


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